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Webinars for career professionals in September 2023

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The following webinars, taking place in September and hosted by a variety of organizations, cover topics such as career decision-making, Indigenous worldviews, adult career guidance, job retention and more.

Dealing with Burnout (OACM)

Sept. 7

Avoiding burnout is crucial to maintain productivity and provide quality services to clients. This discussion topic explores different strategies and techniques to prevent burnout such as self-care, time management, setting boundaries, and seeking support from colleagues and supervisors.

Racism In the Work Place: Recognition & Disruption Tactics (NSCDA)

Sept. 7

Transforming the workplace has to be about more than just the diversity of entry-level employees. Learning to recognize the types/forms/expressions of racism that can infect an office culture and paying special attention to focus on the upward mobility of diverse employees within every level of our organizations is a huge call to action that leads to greater success.

How to become a Certified Career Development Practitioner (BCCDA)

Sept. 13

In this interactive online session, participants will learn what steps to take to achieve a CCDP (Certified Career Development Practitioner) designation. Successful completion of BCCDA’s certification process confers the right to use the title Certified Career Development Professional and the right to use the initials CCDP after one’s name.

Utilizing Creative Strategies for Career Decision Making (CICA)

Sept. 13

Career practitioners serve a variety of clients with career decision-making questions and concerns that are influenced by clients’ diverse experiences, skills, contexts, and preferences for processing information and solving problems. To support expansion of career practitioner repertoires, presenters of this webinar will offer creative strategies derived from art therapy practices that address career decision-making learning.

Collaborative Negotiation Theory Applied to Career Counseling and Coaching (NCDA)

Sept. 14

In this webinar session, the authors of Finding a Job That Loves You Back will present their work, which proposes a framework for collaborative negotiation for networking and informational interviews. Learn more about working with students and clients to identify their interests, find connectors, engage with employers and other decision makers, and find fulfillment.

The Future for Adult Guidance (NICEC)

Sept. 18

This session will explore the future for adult guidance drawing from the work of two key studies:

  • Tony Wilson and Rakhee Patel from the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) will discuss ideas on how to configure a public employment service
  • Tom Shirt and Beth Jones from the Gatsby Foundation will outline emerging findings from their international research project into what good looks like for adult careers guidance.
Global Perspectives in Career Development: Empowering Your Inclusive Practice through Indigenous Knowledge and Worldviews (CERIC & CDANZ)

Sept. 18 & 25

This webinar series will provide an opportunity to learn from inspiring Indigenous career professionals from New Zealand and Canada, who will share their journey in the career development field and their perspectives on cultural approaches to Indigenous career development. The conversation will help participants understand how Indigenous peoples and Indigenous career practitioners’ worldviews of work and holistic approaches to self-development and self-determination are key aspects of cultural knowledge that inform workforce development today.

Supporting Diversity in the Workplace (CDAA)

Sept. 20

Join this webinar to gain insights into the lived experience of people with disability and other barriers to employment. Learn strategies to provide a supportive and empowering environment for people to gain skills and employment pathways, as well as about the role of social enterprises in creating inclusive and diverse workplaces.

Understanding Intergenerational Trauma (CCPA)

Sept. 20

This program will help improve understanding of intergenerational trauma through a combination of personal narratives and by providing a summary of the latest scientific information pertaining to intergenerational trauma. The program looks at three main topics: background, mechanisms of transmission and healing.

Navigating resistance to DEI: Common challenges and what to do about them (CCDI)

Sept. 21

Resistance to DEI is evidently present in our workplaces today. This resistance can be as simple as “Why do we need to do this work?” to more nuanced discourse on cancel culture. This webinar provides an overview of common challenges in the workplace when it comes to DEI and how organizations and individuals can navigate those conversations.

Strategic Planning with Your Organization: The Why, the What and the How (Charity Village)

Sept. 21

Strategic planning may be something your organization does actively, may be brand new to you or may be somewhere in between. During this session, participants can expect to be actively engaged while hearing about the components of a strategic plan, some tips for facilitating the process and a roadmap of where to begin.

Starting a career center in higher education (APCDA)

Sept. 25

Three APCDA Members will share their experiences starting or building a career centre in a university.  Whether you are starting a career centre, converting a placement office to a career centre or trying to improve the centre you already work in, this webinar should be useful to you.

Motivational Interviewing -Strategies for Supporting Change (BCCDA) [Workshop]

Sept. 26

It is common for people to struggle and experience ambivalence when considering making a change. When those working in helping roles encounter this ambivalence in their clients, it is often interpreted as resistance. By exploring the framework and strategies of Motivational Interviewing, this workshop will provide new ways to facilitate the change process in the people they work with.

The Radar Approach to Job Retention (NAWDP)

Sept. 26

Retention strategies that start when people go to work are often not able to prevent job loss because they take a crisis intervention approach that cannot move quickly or deeply enough to keep people working. The Radar Approach to Job Retention model works like radar providing an early warning system that identifies potential firing and quitting problems before people go to work.

Narrative Career Counselling: Storied Perspectives and Processes (CICA)

Sept. 26

The foundation of the storied approach is to create a counselling environment that is respectful, positive and co-operative through a high-level of communication and interpersonal skills. The practitioner-client process of co-constructing, de-constructing, and re-constructing the story illuminates and opens up the experiences, influences and perspectives for the story context, leading to constructing the next life chapters.

Indigenous Relations: How NOT to Tick a Box (CACUSS)

Sept. 27

Join this session to learn about how to approach Indigenous relations in a respectful, meaningful and mutually beneficial way. This presentation highlights the importance of cultural intelligence and offers a foundational understanding of Indigenous ways of communicating and Indigenous ways of doing business, as well as making mistakes and how to recover.

Moving from reconciliation to reconciliACTION: Engaging and supporting Indigenous communities (CCDI)

Sept. 28

It has been eight years since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released their 94 Calls to Action, and many organizations are now beginning to take their first steps in establishing authentic relationships with Indigenous communities. Join us for this panel discussion with Indigenous leaders and allies alike as we ask the question: Where should organizations focus their resources and energy to ensure the longevity and health of those connections and start to create safer working environments for Indigenous employees?

Lindsay Purchase Administrator
Lindsay Purchase is the Editor of CERIC’s CareerWise website and CareerWise Weekly newsletter. She has a background in journalism, having worked previously as a digital editor and reporter. Lindsay is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Global Studies program and Toronto Metropolitan University’s Food Security certificate program.
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Lindsay Purchase Administrator
Lindsay Purchase is the Editor of CERIC’s CareerWise website and CareerWise Weekly newsletter. She has a background in journalism, having worked previously as a digital editor and reporter. Lindsay is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Global Studies program and Toronto Metropolitan University’s Food Security certificate program.
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