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Resources to support clients’ careers after a cancer diagnosis

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A cancer diagnosis can be life altering. Individuals who have newly received a cancer diagnosis, are going through treatment or are survivors of cancer also face unique challenges in the workplace. This article provides resources and information for individuals and jobseekers who need support in navigating workplace challenges or who are looking to return to work as they go through or have finished cancer treatment. Employers who are looking to support their colleagues and employees through their cancer journey will also benefit from the resources provided.

Canadian Cancer Society [Charity]

As Canada’s largest national cancer charity, the Canadian Cancer Society funds cancer research, offers cancer support services and shares trusted information on various topics related to cancer including advice on how to navigate cancer and work. The Canada Cancer Society also has an online support community.

CancerCare [Organization]

CancerCare is a United States-based organization providing free, professional support services and information to help people manage the challenges of cancer. The organization provides information, resources and support to people who are experiencing workplace issues related to cancer and its treatment. There are podcasts, publications and videos on the organization’s YouTube page, which include topics such as Working During Cancer Treatment.

Cancer and Careers [Organization]

Cancer and Careers empowers and educates people with cancer to thrive in their workplace by providing expert advice, interactive tools and educational events. Under its Looking for Work page, Cancer and Careers offers resume writing services, assistance with exploring work-related options, and interview help.

Cancer and Work [Website]

In collaboration with McGill University and the British Columbia Cancer Agency, Cancer and Work provides detailed information and resources for cancer survivors returning to work. A wide variety of topics are covered such as changing jobs, returning to work and information on finances including financial assistance programs. Developed in partnership, a free online module designed for primary care providers interested in learning how to support cancer survivors return to work is available through the University of British Columbia Continuing Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine: Supporting Cancer Survivors’ Return to Work.

Cancer Support Community [Organization]

Cancer Support Community provides support, fosters communities and breaks down barriers to cancer care. The organization offers a Cancer Support Helpline and an online web chat service for those who are struggling to navigate the workplace after a cancer diagnosis. Other services offered include virtual programs, an online community and webinars, including one on balancing work and cancer.

Career Counselling for Cancer Survivors Returning to Work [Academic Paper]

The Canadian Journal of Career Development has an academic paper titled “Career Counselling for Cancer Survivors Returning to Work” that discusses key career challenges cancer survivors face, offers strategies to help survivors explore the possibilities for returning to work and identifies how to gain skills for coping with workplace challenges.

Job Accommodation Network [Organization]

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) provides guidance on job accommodations and disability employment issues including cancer. In Returning To Work After Cancer Treatment: Accommodating Chemo Brain In The Workplace, JAN offers advice on what the employer can do to accommodate individuals who have received cancer treatment as well as shares recommendations directed to employees. JAN also has a page dedicated to cancer resources and information.

Wellspring [Charity]

Wellspring is a Canada-wide network of charities that offers programs and services to Canadians with any type of cancer at no charge. The charity has a number of physical locations in Canada as well as a virtual centre with online programs and resources including self-paced learning and community resources. Resources can be filtered to highlight those specific to “Finance & Workplace Strategies.”

Your career after cancer: How HR, leaders and peers can help (CareerWise) [Article]

Having been diagnosed with cancer, career coach and “Life Enthusiast” Jennifer McCloskey offers advice for how leaders, human resource professionals and peers can help support an employee who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Samar Ismail Author
Samar Ismail is an occasional teacher in Ontario. With a background in journalism, she continues to freelance as a writer, editor and researcher.
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Samar Ismail Author
Samar Ismail is an occasional teacher in Ontario. With a background in journalism, she continues to freelance as a writer, editor and researcher.
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