Do you have an idea for a CareerWise blog? We want to hear from you!

CareerWise aims to inform and support career development professionals with original perspectives and timely analysis. Think we’re missing an essential topic or point of view? Your knowledge and experience can help us fill the gap. CareerWise welcomes pitches for blogs on an ongoing basis from community voices as well as recognized experts.

Also, if you have read an article online that you think our audience would enjoy, please share it with us through social media or by email,, and we may feature it on CareerWise.

CareerWise Blog Submission Guidelines

CareerWise blogs are original content featuring a range of angles and content types, from first-person reflections to current events analysis to best-practice sharing. Blogs should be relevant to one or more of CareerWise’s overarching topic categories: Tips & Training, Students & Youth, Diversity, Research & Trends and Workplace. We welcome one-time blogs and are also open to regular contributions.

A blog that is a good fit for CareerWise should meet the following criteria:

  • Explores topics related to education, skills, counselling, employment and/or the workforce.
  • Approximately 600 to 1,000 words in length.
  • Relevant to a Canadian audience.
  • Fact-substantiated – however, this is not an academic journal and footnotes should be used only when absolutely necessary. Hyperlinks can be used when appropriate to direct readers to cited sources.
  • Divided by sub-headings, where possible, to help generate visual interest.
  • Insightful and/or practical, but still contain plenty of personality.
  • Non-promotional – submissions must provide solid information and ideas. If your information is of a promotional nature, please contact our marketing team ( to discuss options.

Publishing an article on CareerWise is an excellent opportunity to elevate your profile or expand your audience in the career development field. Contributions are voluntary and authors are not financially compensated. Contributors do not have to pay for space. All blog posts will be promoted through our social media accounts. Blogs may also be selected for inclusion in our popular CareerWise Weekly newsletter, which is sent out to more than 11,000 subscribers.

The process

If you would like to submit a blog post to CareerWise, please first email a brief outline of your proposed topic to Editor Lindsay Purchase at If the pitch is selected for publication, a word count and deadline will be determined in conjunction with the contributor.

Blog posts are subject to editing.

CERIC requests that contributors submit a headshot (at least 300 pixels wide, in either JPG or PNG format) to accompany their blog. Contributors must also provide a two- to three-line author bio outlining relevant work and educational experience. Authors may also provide, if they desire, a way for readers to engage with them online (e.g. social media profiles, website, email, etc.).

Suggested blog titles are welcome, but not required. CERIC reserves the right to determine blog titles.

Contributors will be notified via email when their article is published on the CareerWise website. CERIC reserves the right to update links and information as required in articles that are archived on the CareerWise website.


While original content is preferred, CareerWise will consider requests to cross-post blogs that were first published on other websites. If a blog is selected for republication, credit will be given to the author and a link will be included to the original content.

Requests to repost a blog originally published on CareerWise on another website can be sent to Any CareerWise blogs that are reposted must include credit to CareerWise and a link to the original article.

We encourage contributors to share their CareerWise blogs through their social media networks.