Saturday, October 23, 2021
London Tanario Farris

London Tanario Farris

London Tanario Farris is a virtual success coach who is developing youth empowerment, and employment projects at Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity (CCYP). Her educational background of Honors MS Organizational Leadership with a Concentration in Student Success and Development, Human Resources Graduate Certificate, Honors BA in Business Leadership, as well as Certifications in eLearning Development, Instructional Design, Project Leadership, and Post-Secondary Teaching have allowed her the ability to successfully develop various educational and organizational leadership, educational and personal development programs. London has studied and worked in student success and development, organizational leadership development, career, personal and educational development, and human resources management. She is passionate about developing teaching, service, leadership for student and youth success roles, creating personal development and succession strategies.
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Holistic development and career coaching: A pathway to youth empowerment

Traditional employment training focuses on developing and maintaining the necessary skills of employment such as cover letter and resume writing, interviewing skills, networking and career preparation. Coaching within this traditional...