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Career development for green careers

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The theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest In Our Planet. What Will You Do?” The climate crisis can feel overwhelming and many people struggle with eco-anxiety. Some people find it empowering to channel those feelings into action, with one avenue being tackling environmental challenges through one’s career.

Opportunities in this area are increasing. A report by ECO Canada expects environmental employment to rise by 8% in the next decade, resulting in 50,100 new jobs needing to be filled. Here are resources to help jobseekers pursuing a green career.

Types of green jobs
18 Environmental Science Jobs to Explore (With Salaries) (Indeed)

Environmental science is an area of interest for many industries and governmental organizations. This article explores jobs for those with an environmental degree.

Environmental Career Profiles (Eco Canada)

An inventory of nearly 130 environmental careers gives a snapshot of the profession, including job duties, work environment, educational requirements and related careers.

Job board
ECO Canada

This job board features environmental roles across Canada.


Find positions in environment, nature, conservation, sustainability, local food and green business.

Work Cabin

Browse quality jobs and careers in conservation, wildlife research, ecotourism, forestry, outdoor education, biology, ecology, stewardship, climate change, ornithology and more.

Career training
ECO Employment Programs (ECO Canada)

The Foreign Development Program and Apprenticeship Service program are among offerings that stimulate environmental career pathways, skill development, business growth, workforce support and workforce advancement through subsidies for wages and training

Green Jobs Internship Program (Government of Canada)

Geared for youth between the ages of 15 and 30, Natural Resources Canada’s program helps participants gain work experience and skills in the natural resources sector through paid internships and training opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and other related fields to promote positive environmental outcomes.

Intern Support Program (Eco-Internships)

Eco-Internships provides human resources and funding opportunities to small non-profit organizations to recruit youth across Canada in a paid six-month sustainability internship.

Navigating Canadian Environment Law (ECO Canada) [Course]

An online course that helps participants find, understand and apply environmental laws, policies and regulations in Canada.

Professional Access Into Employment (Toronto and Region Conservation Authority) [Program]

The program, PAIE for short, helps internationally trained environmental professionals launch their careers in engineering, geoscience, environmental science and planning.

Canadian Environmental Network | Réseau canadien de l’environnement (RCEN)

The Canadian Environmental Network facilitates co-operation and networking among non-profit, non-governmental environmental organizations across Canada and internationally.

Climate Action Network (CAN) | Réseau action climat Canada (Rac)

Climate Action Network works with a wide and diverse network of civil society organizations to create transformational change for a climate-safe future in Canada and globally.

David Suzuki Foundation

The organization created by renowned environmental activist David Suzuki empowers people to take action in their communities on the environmental challenges we collectively face.

Green Communities Canada (GCC)

GCC works with non-profit organizations from across Canada to advance transformative, equitable and lasting change.

Additional reading/resources for career professionals

Katrina Rozal Author
Katrina Rozal is a Communication Specialist. She has 10 years of combined experience in producing content for Canadian news media and the British non-profit sector.
Katrina Rozal Author
Katrina Rozal is a Communication Specialist. She has 10 years of combined experience in producing content for Canadian news media and the British non-profit sector.
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