Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Fanie Zis

Fanie Zis

Fanie Zis is a Certified Life Coach and Career Development Practitioner based out of Vancouver. Fanie works as a Contract Service Provider for EFAP program through Homewood Health in the areas of career coaching, career counselling, relationship coaching, grief and loss, stress management and pre-retirement planning. In addition to this, Fanie is working toward her accreditation as a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaches Federation and eventually working toward private coaching. She aims to help clients get from where and who they are now, to where and who they want to be by supporting them through personal development and life enhancement processes in a variety of sectors in their lives.
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Tips & Training

6 steps to building trust, intimacy and rapport in telecounselling

Ok, let’s start off with some self-disclosure (which by the way, if used strategically, can be a great way to establish rapport).  Yes, I have coached a client in my pyjamas – more than once....