Rob Kim

Rob Kim

Rob Kim is the Career Strategist for the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC and collaborates with UBC’s career education team at the Centre for Student Involvement & Careers. Rob is living the planned happenstance theory, having worked as a science educator for 14 years and never anticipated that “careers” would be the topic he would be passionate about for the past three years. Rob keeps looking for a multitude of ways approach career development. By testing out different methods – for example, facilitating webinars, using his StrengthsFinders certification and building a mentorship program – Rob enjoys collaborating with others for students to feel seen and heard, so they can be curious and excited about their future career opportunities.
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Mentorship can help create inclusive career opportunities for students

In the hundreds of career conversations I’ve had with students and alumni, networking has emerged as a major challenge. As a first-generation university student, I can relate. Even if I...