Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Phil Jarvis

Phil Jarvis

Phil Jarvis is President of the Transitions Canada Coalition, a not-for-profit national network of youth, education, business, government and civic leaders committed to collaborating to enhance students’ career- and life-readiness. Phil created CHOICES, a career exploration and planning system that was adopted by most secondary and post-secondary schools in Canada and thousands more in the US. He has led national and international career projects, including Canada Prospects, The Real Game and the Blueprint for Lifework Designs, that been experienced by tens of millions of students globally. Phil believes that helping youth find their WHY (purpose) and acquire the competencies and character they need for lifelong success and happiness should be job 1 for the nation!
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Reimagining education through a career development lens

Failure to graduate life-ready students is a societal issue, and it impacts all of us. The solution is a re-imagined education system that produces graduates who step confidently and purposefully...