Monday, July 26, 2021
Ozlem Ulas-Kilic

Ozlem Ulas-Kilic

Ozlem Ulas-Kilic is an assistant professor at Counselling Department. She has spent her entire career in the field of career counselling. She wrote a lot of articles, book chapters, lectured and presented presentations in the field of career counselling. Trained as a career counsellor and school counsellor, she has experience in research and practicum. Her interest areas are career decision making self-efficacy, career transitions and post-modern career theories. Presently she is a post-doc researcher at Colorado State University Counselling and Career Development Program.
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Research & Trends

Can we control chance in our careers?

Co-authored by Selen Demirtas-Zorbaz and Seval Kizildag-Sahin Can we control chance? The work of John Krumboltz, an established career theorist, suggests the answer is yes. Let’s consider the role of...