Nicole Jackson

Nicole Jackson

Nicole Jackson, PhD, is a management educator, published author and thought leader on the effects of digital transformation, innovation and change on individuals, organizations and societies. At the moment she is the Associate Professor of Management and Incoming Director of the MBA Program at Jack Welch College of Business and Technology, Sacred Heart University. Nicole’s research and teaching are repeatedly recognized by academics and practitioners for their relevance and currency including being a presenter for SHRM NorCal and most recently as a keynote speaker for the Innovation Summit for the Government of Pakistan. She is also the founder of the i4xLearning program, a training program that is dedicated to HR and career alignment in the innovation economy.
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Why anchoring identity and values matters for jobseekers in today’s economy

The past five years have seen the rise of tumultuous events and technologies affecting virtually every industry and economy ranging from health care to transportation. These events and technologies include...