Sunday, December 5, 2021
Hannah Flostrand

Hannah Flostrand

I've been drawn to the relationship between academic and career development among university and college students throughout my career. This has led me to work with thousands of them over the last 17 years across four Canadian post-secondary institutions. Since March 2020, my colleagues and I successfully adapted in response to the pandemic, and I'm proud to flex my newly acquired online teaching skills which I have added to my toolkit thanks to this global crisis. I am also nearing the end of my MA in Liberal Studies journey at SFU and looking forward to graduating next summer. More info can be found on my LinkedIn profile. My days are shared with my hubby, our 2.5yo toddler and our furbaby cat.
students in improv class
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All I need to know about career development I learned in improv

As career development practitioners, part of our work is guiding our clients and students to communicate their best selves to prospective employers through their targeted job application documents and interviews....