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Webinars for career professionals in February 2021

These webinars, taking place in February, cover a range of topics including mindfulness, unconscious bias, job development and motivational interviewing.

Resumes & Profiles for the COVID Era: Gaps, Gigs & Other Unruly Work History (Resume Writing Academy)

Feb. 2

This session will share strategies for dealing with gaps due to long-term unemployment, caring for sick family and more, plus samples for gig workers and those who are freelancing during this time.

Engineering your Service Delivery to Achieve Outcomes (Sarah Delicate)

Starting Feb. 2

Achieving the contracted outcomes of the Youth Job Connection program is not an easy task in any given year, let alone achieving outcomes in the world of COVID-19. In this six-part series, Sarah Delicate will explore the various core measures need to be achieve achieved, break down what needs to be achieved and provide attendees with some evidence-based solutions to help get there.

Mindfulness in the workplace – finding calm amidst the storm (ASPECT BC)

Feb. 9

In this workshop, participants will learn formal and informal practices of mindfulness, meditation and the science of happiness, through presentation discussion and embodied practice opportunities. The objective will be to emerge from this three-hour workshop with a sense of connection and a toolset to cultivate resilience, self-compassion and meaning.

Stressbusters (BCCDA – member exclusive)

Feb. 10

Stressbusters is an educational webinar that includes information about stress, and opportunities to learn about and practise strategies that can help participants cope with stress in healthier ways, build resilience and promote well-being.

People with Disabilities at Work (RespectAbility)

Feb. 10

This webinar will share the release of People with Disabilities at Work, a new resource to support the aspirations and accomplishments of students with disabilities, jobseekers, entrepreneurs with disabilities and their families. People with Disabilities at Work is a step-by-step guide covering critical topics around employment best practices, civil rights in the workplace, accessing services, closing the gap in education outcomes and expanding career options for jobseekers with disabilities.

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace (CPHR Manitoba)

Feb. 10

This webinar will explore the following:

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • Types of biases
  • Areas of the work environment affected by unconscious bias
  • Awareness and management
Indigenous EdTech, Teaching & Issues of Connectivity: A Panel Discussion (ICTC)

Feb. 12

 Do educational technologies play a role in digital economic competitiveness for Indigenous communities? This panel will explore issues of broadband availability, educational technologies and their role in the acceleration of training and opportunities for Indigenous youth, academic success and professional advancement.

Career Guidance policy and practice during the pandemic (International Labour Organization)

Feb. 17

The purpose of this webinar is to share the main findings of the report Career guidance policy and practice in the pandemic, and bring together policy-makers, social partners, career guidance practitioners and service managers to exchange knowledge, experiences and practices in an effort to understand how to address existing gaps, support recovery efforts and enable long-term system improvements.

More than pronouns: A dialogue on trans-inclusion in the workplace (University of Toronto)

Feb. 18 

Navigating a career can feel complicated or confusing. For trans and nonbinary people, there can be additional barriers in place which make the process even more complex. Join this dialogue on trans and nonbinary inclusion in the workplace to address questions, challenges and complications in the search for employment.

How to Build Trust and Connection Online (CharityVillage)

Feb. 18

This webinar will look into fundraising trends of 2021 that may influence your strategy and prepare your charity for a successful year. Topics include:

  • Reducing Zoom fatigue for you and your team
  • Building trust faster and more authentically with new clients or students
  • Increasing your confidence and feel more connected when interacting with others online
Engaging Employers and Job Development in a COVID World (Evolution Group)

Feb. 18, 23 & 25, and March 2

In this four-part webinar series, managers and job development staff will learn the foundational job development strategies and skills needed to find work for jobseekers with employment barriers.

Evolution Group will also be offering a webinar series on “Managing Job Development in a COVID World” starting Feb. 9.

Reaching Employers in Challenging Times (NAWDP)

Feb. 23

The employer engagement landscape has changed dramatically. This workshop looks at new ways to engage employers, tips and tricks to get information in front of decision makers.

Integrating Motivational Interviewing into Career Counselling Practice to Overcome Client Ambivalence (CERIC & CDAA)

Feb. 23, March 2 & 9

Research has shown the motivational interviewing (MI) approach to be helpful with a wide spectrum of client populations and issues. In this webinar series, presented by Roxanne Sawatzky, participants will be introduced to techniques that are helpful for incorporating MI into career counselling, including strategies to elicit and strengthen motivation for career change.

Building Cultural Intelligence to Promote Diversity and Inclusion: What We Need to Know to Thrive in the Workplace (CERIC & OACM)

Feb. 24, March 3 & 10

Equipping your clients to thrive in a multicultural work environment is essential, and it starts with you understanding the dynamics of the world of work as we now know it. As a career development practitioner, you need to gain an understanding of cultural intelligence, apply it to your own work and then you will be better equipped to share it with your clients.

Check out webinar presenter Azumme Degun’s CareerWise blog: “To build an inclusive workplace, start with CQ – cultural intelligence.”

Designing Feasible, Focused and Flexible Experiential Learning in Challenging Times! (CERIC & EWO)

Feb. 25, March 4 & 11 

This webinar series will teach attendees how to navigate among stakeholders, identify the often-unstated intended outcomes of the experience and design experiences within your context. Presenters Lorraine Godden and Carolyn Hoessler will share the Outcome-Based Experiential Learning (OBEL) framework they developed as a concise and guided design process to enable participants to successfully navigate EL planning and implementation.

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Lindsay Purchase oversees CERIC’s tri-annual magazine, Careering, and the CareerWise website, along with the CareerWise Weekly newsletter. She has a background in journalism, having worked previously as a digital editor and reporter. Lindsay is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Global Studies program.
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Lindsay Purchase Administrator
Lindsay Purchase oversees CERIC’s tri-annual magazine, Careering, and the CareerWise website, along with the CareerWise Weekly newsletter. She has a background in journalism, having worked previously as a digital editor and reporter. Lindsay is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Global Studies program.
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