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Webinars for career professionals in August 2020

Check out these webinars – as well as a couple of virtual conferences – taking place in August, covering a wide array of topics including designing online counselling courses, high-tech hiring, disability hiring, lifelong learning and employee management.

Motivating Workforce Staff During the COVID-19 Pandemic (NAWDP)

Aug. 4

This session will help to inspire workforce development professionals to focus on the good they are doing, assisting clients in securing work during one of the most challenging times in modern history. It is easy to forget about the need for self-motivation and self-care while serving others, but it is challenging to motivate people if you are not motivated. This session will help workforce development professionals nationally develop the internal motivation to serve clients with enthusiasm.

NAWDP is also offering a webinar on “Creating Universal Programs for Youth Populations That are Engaging, Scalable, and Sustainable” on Aug. 9.

PowerSkills: Virtual Career Conference (McGill University)

Aug. 4-8

This free event includes keynote speeches, workshops, webinars, panel discussions, coffee chats/conversations and interviews on topics in career and self-development, communications, creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship. Attendance badges will be issued to participants who register for five activities and complete the Reflection Form.

How to Best Design Counselling Courses Online (CCPA)

Aug. 5

This panel will explore the challenges and ways forward for shifting face-to-face counselling courses to an online platform while still achieving the quality instruction that is expected of educational institutions as one of the gatekeepers to our profession. The panellists are Michael Sorsdahl, founder of Juvenation; Dr Roberta Borgen (Neault), President of Life Strategies Ltd.; Simon Nuttgens, Associate Professor with the Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology at Athabasca University; and Lawrence Murphy, founder of Worldwide Therapy Online.

Best Practice Models for Industry Engagement (Canadian Apprenticeship Forum)

Aug. 5

Learn about a new pilot project that helps apprentices document their on-the-job skills achievements. Emily Arrowsmith, CAF-FCA Researcher and Project Manager will share insights about the pilot project as well as how to get involved. The Best Practice Models for Industry Engagement project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre.

Helping Your Clients Win Work in the New High-Tech World of Hiring (CDAA)

Aug. 11

This webinar presented by Gillian Kelly from Outplacement Australia will provide career practitioners with a broad focus on e-recruitment hiring trends and its impacts on job search, resumes and LinkedIn. Kelly will share the latest job search tactics related to the ever-changing online world and provide an overview of the rapid shifts in ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) requirements. The content will also cover how career practitioners can support clients to access this area given that job advertisements are slowly decreasing and headhunting is lifting.

CDAA also has webinars in August on “How Social Media is Being Used by Hiring Managers to Screen Candidates” and “Career Decision Making.”

Why Hire a Person with a Disability (NeilSquire)

Aug. 11

The prospect of hiring a person with a disability can bring up many questions for employers. Will the person be able to do the job? How much money is accommodation going to cost me? Why should I do this if I can hire someone without a disability? Are there benefits to hiring someone with a disability? In this webinar, we will answer all of these questions and share a personal story of someone with a disability who works full time at a high-level, high-stress job with great success.

SEMM Forum Online: Attracting, Engaging and Supporting Students (Brainstorm Strategy Group)

Aug. 11-13

Attendees to this virtual event will:

  • Learn best approaches to attract and engage students now
  • Create new connections and strategic partnerships through networking and collaboration
  • Be confident that you’re doing it right this fall
Health Care Assistants in BC (BCCDA)

Aug. 12

At the end of this session, you will have gained:

  • Knowledge about the labour market demand for Health Care Assistants in BC
  • Resources available for clients interested in joining the HCA workforce, including Choose2Care
  • Tools to provide the best advice based on client demographics and needs
Managing Employees in Uncertain Times (CharityVillage)

Aug. 13

This webinar will discuss the impact of COVID-19 and how the spillover line between work and home has become thinner than ever. While society reopens and the economy restarts, it remains unclear what the future holds and how the pandemic may continue to unfold, and this means you must be able to manage your employees well during these uncertain times.

Lifelong learning policies and practice (CICA)

Aug. 13

A mixed-methods study was undertaken from 2019-2020 to examine lifelong guidance policies and practices across Europe. It focused on understanding how the impact of guidance could be maximized and how services could evolve. Eleven key features were identified. Each were explored, with a range of innovations across the EU lifelong guidance ecosystem identified. This webinar will explore evidence on recent advancements in practice and how future challenges can be addressed.

The Future of Work: Future of Digitalized Workforce (APCDA)

Aug. 23

Around 1% of the world’s population are actively engaged in the creative economy through tech and innovation knowledge and skills. Are we leaving everyone else behind in the digital transformation era? Re-skilling and up-skilling have never been a more pressing issue. Join this session to share how we can contribute and engage in building a sustainable future with a digitalized workforce, together.

7 Steps to Upskilling the Workforce (Brandon Hall Group)

Aug. 25

Work is fundamentally changing. During this time of disruption, people at all levels need to reimagine work and skill development. And it’s the responsibility of leaders to create environments and experiences that support this new reality. Join David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group and Degreed’s CLO Kelly Palmer as they discuss “future-ready” strategies and provide a new framework for creating the work experiences that will help companies and individuals thrive.

Setting Boundaries with Clients (Career Professionals of Canada)

Free webinar replay available Aug. 1-31

Do you sometimes take on too much with your clients? Do you have a hard time saying no? Without clear boundaries, it become easier to take on more than we should, and boundaries will help clients to develop greater self-efficacy. Setting boundaries with your clients may feel unnatural and even mean-spirited, however, this webinar will convince you that boundaries are an essential and important way to create more value for your clients, and a major factor in contributing positively to your own mental health.

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Lindsay Purchase oversees CERIC’s tri-annual magazine, Careering, and the CareerWise website, along with the CareerWise Weekly newsletter. She has a background in journalism, having worked previously as a digital editor and reporter. Lindsay is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Global Studies program.
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Lindsay Purchase Administrator
Lindsay Purchase oversees CERIC’s tri-annual magazine, Careering, and the CareerWise website, along with the CareerWise Weekly newsletter. She has a background in journalism, having worked previously as a digital editor and reporter. Lindsay is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Global Studies program.
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