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Webinars and courses for career professionals in June 2020

This article covers courses and webinars for career professionals taking place or starting in June 2020. The wide variety of topics covered includes supporting mental health, working with older adults, leadership, career theory and client employability.

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The Power of Skills: Empowering Talent Transformation in a Time of Disruption (Brandon Hall Group)

June 3 | 1-2:00 p.m. ET 

This webinar will discuss specific skills-driven strategies you can use to:

  • Understand your employees’ current capabilities
  • Learn who has the potential to fill critical roles, including roles that are changing due to the turbulent economy.
  • Take a personalized approach to upskilling the workforce.
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Retain top talent and attract new talent that truly meets your needs
Employment 101: How to find a job in Canada as a newcomer (Toronto Global Shapers)

June 3 | 5:30-6:30 p.m. ET

The webinar, geared toward newcomer jobseekers, will cover:

  • Navigating the current market and understanding employment trends in Canada;
  • Writing your resume and cover letter, according to Canadian standards
  • Maximizing the impact of your Linkedin Profile
Supporting mental health in a virtual world (The Conference Board of Canada)

June 8 | 2 p.m. ET

Many of the coping mechanisms and mental health supports that we relied on pre-pandemic have moved virtual. But the virtual mental health world is fragmented. Digital therapeutics (DTx) have risen sharply in the past few years from telemedicine, online pharmacies and internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT), among others; but the co-ordination of these supports is disjointed.

Campus Recruiting Webinar: Employer Branding – Protect, Build, or Thrive? (Brainstorm Strategy Group)

June 9 | 1:00 p.m. ET

This webinar will provide a brief presentation of the fundamentals of employer branding followed by a panel discussion of what organizations are doing to manage their brands through these challenging times.

The Journey of Becoming a Self-Sustained Career Center by Employer Partnership (APCDA)

June 9/10 | Check your local time zone

The Career Service of Politecnico di Milano, one of Europe’s top leading public universities for engineering, architecture and design, has been active for about 15 years and it has grown from a team of five to a team 19 and from serving 1,000 to over 10,000 students every year, thanks to a business model based on fee-based partnerships with employers. This webinar will share the journey that has led the Career Service to become free from the uncertainty of central budget, bringing insights that will help you see how this can apply to your context as well.

The Ordinary Leader (BCCDA)

June 10 | 12-1:00 p.m. PT 

Exclusive to BCCDA members. The term “ordinary” is used to highlight the belief that no one ever arrives as a leader. In fact, if someone thinks of themselves as extraordinary, they will not be a very effective leader. Author Randy Grieser presents 10 key insights for building and leading a thriving organization.

Mastering Strategic Thinking Skills for Maximum Impact in Your Organization (NAWDP)

June 11 | 1:00 p.m. CDT

This webinar will help attendees grasp the strategic thinking differences that will help them have a positive impact on their organization’s bottom line and strategic goals and objectives.

Working with older adults: Navigating diverse career chapters (Career Industry Council of Australia)

June 11 | Check your local time zone

There are some specific evidence-based reasons that careers advisers have a contribution to make in the area of retirement planning and promoting better retirement adjustment that will be discussed as part of the webinar. Interventions with older adults will be illustrated and their success will be discussed.

Turning Point 2020: When the Future of Work Became the Present (Public Policy Forum)

June 16-18

PPF’s multi-year project on the Future of Work has been exploring the impact of technological change and other mega trends and their implications on living standards, income distribution, learning needs and work opportunities for Canadians. Join this free, three-part virtual conference to explore these important themes.

Navigating computing career pathways in 2020: What advisors need to know (CERIC)

June 17 | 12-1:00 p.m. ET

Responding to a strong demand for computing graduates in Canada and a changing technology landscape, Randy Connolly, Janet Miller and Faith-Michael Uzoka of Mount Royal University, have released the second edition of the CERIC guide Computing Careers & Disciplines: A Quick Guide for Prospective Students and Career Advisors. This free webinar will provide you with an overview of the new guide and of the main computing disciplines as defined by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) as well as emerging specializations.

LinkedIn Masterclass (Career Development Association of Australia)

June 17 | Check your local time zone

This webinar will look at LinkedIn functional support, personal branding and how to use LinkedIn as a research tool and a job search engine.

Job search and career exploration during COVID-19 recovery: Providing guidance to newcomers (CERIC)

June 18 | 12-1:00 p.m. ET 

The free webinar will help career practitioners and settlement counsellors working with immigrants to better understand the labour market challenges and opportunities posed by the pandemic, and to gain the necessary insights for providing more targeted guidance to their clients.

COVID-19 Support for Employers and Service Delivery Partners (Service Canada)

June 4, 11, 18 & 25

This webinar provides an overview of the work-sharing agreement, special measures implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, financial support for your employees or clients. In collaboration with Employment Ontario and Canada Revenue Agency. Email Service Canada to register or for details.

10 Smart Strategies That Will Get Your Clients Noticed on LinkedIn (Career Professionals of Canada)

Free replay June 1-30

In this 90-minute session you will:

  • Develop a better understanding of different profile writing strategies
  • Understand what key content to include under the summary and experience sections
  • Gain insight on how to quickly and easily write the headline
  • Learn effective LinkedIn engagement strategies that you can share with your clients
Career Professionals of Canada – Career Development Theory and Career Transition Coaching

June 1 – June 12; June 22 – July 12

In Career Development Theory, build your knowledge of the theoretical foundations of career development, including Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation, Super’s Lifespan/Lifespace Model, Parson’s Trait and Factor Theory, Roe’s Personality Type Theory, Holland’s Theory of Career Choice and Ginzberg’s Theory of Career Choice.

In Career Transition Coaching, you will gain broad knowledge and expertise to assist clients with identifying their value proposition, developing a marketing plan, using social media and networking successfully.

OneLifeTools – Who You Are Matters! Facilitator Training and Online Storyteller Training

June 22 and June 23 

Who You Are Matters! Facilitator Training will equip participants to facilitate the Who You Are Matters! experience, learn practical foundations of this storytelling and storylistening experience, and more.

Learn how to use the Online Storyteller web application, understand rationale, experience and results of self-directed narrative assessment, and more in Online Storyteller Training.

Dalhousie University – Assessing Client Employability Needs

June 26 – July 31

This course focuses on the informal Needs Assessment and its vital role in the career development field. It will provide an opportunity for career practitioners to refresh, or acquire, knowledge and skills necessary to complete an effective Needs Assessment.

NCDA – Multiple courses

June – Multiple dates

The US-based National Career Development Association is offering 18 courses starting in June in its Facilitating Career Development Training. Visit ncda.org for details.

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Lindsay Purchase oversees CERIC’s tri-annual magazine, Careering, and the CareerWise website, along with the CareerWise Weekly newsletter. She has a background in journalism, having worked previously as a digital editor and reporter. Lindsay is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Global Studies program.
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Lindsay Purchase Administrator
Lindsay Purchase oversees CERIC’s tri-annual magazine, Careering, and the CareerWise website, along with the CareerWise Weekly newsletter. She has a background in journalism, having worked previously as a digital editor and reporter. Lindsay is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Global Studies program.
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