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Apprenticeships in Canada: Your cross-country informational guide

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Apprenticeships provide Canadians with a unique opportunity to learn practical skills and gain valuable work experience while earning money at the same time. Apprentices spend some of their time completing technical training and most of their time working under the supervision of a skilled journeyperson who can provide coaching and mentoring.

Each province and territory has its own rules and paths to becoming an apprentice, as well as its own list of designated occupations. In Canada, there are more than 300 apprenticeable occupations, some of which are recognized across the country. In some industries, there is an existing or looming skills gap that can be addressed by supporting apprenticeships and a career in the trades.

The following resources can help career professionals and their clients learn more about the benefits of becoming an apprentice, apprenticeship pathways, youth apprenticeship programs, and funding opportunities. Provinces and territories are listed alphabetically, followed by national resources.

Apprenticeship and industry training (Government of Alberta)

The Government of Alberta has put together this landing page to help potential apprentices learn more about how to become an apprentice in Alberta and options for financial support. This website also provides access to MyTradeSecrets account, where apprentices can learn about on-the-job and technical training in more than 50 trades and occupations in Alberta.

Apprenticeship in Alberta (alis) (Government of Alberta)

Designed to provide career, learning and employment information to support residents of Alberta, this website explores what is involved in completing an apprenticeship and provides useful links on how to choose a trade and find an employer. It also offers a brochure about apprenticeship with a list of designated trades, as well as information on the following apprenticeship programs:

British Columbia
British Columbia ITA (Government of British Columbia)

The Industry Training Authority manages more than 100 trade programs in British Columbia. Its website provides answers to basic questions about apprenticeships, including steps to becoming an apprentice and resources dedicated to women and Indigenous peoples in trades. The ITA also provides detailed information about options for financial support as well as trade and apprenticeship opportunities for high school students.

The ITA also offers the following useful resources:

Learn about Apprenticeship Training in B.C. (WorkBC)

To help British Columbians find apprenticeship programs, this webpage offers information on how apprenticeships work and links to useful resources such as:

Apprenticeship Manitoba (Government of Manitoba)

The Government of Manitoba offers a hub of information about apprenticeships, with sections for potential apprentices and apprentices. Its webpage about discovering apprenticeship programs offers the opportunity to learn about different paths to becoming an apprentice, more than 55 trade programs in Manitoba and youth apprenticeship programs. Potential apprentices can also learn about options for financial support.

New Brunswick
Apprenticeship and Trades (Government of New Brunswick)

The Government of New Brunswick has put together a helpful collection of resources for those who are interested in pursuing apprenticeship in New Brunswick. Some of these resources explore:

New Brunswick Teen Apprentice Program

The NBTAP helps connect qualifying Grade 10 and 11 students with pre-apprenticeship opportunities in industries that may face a skilled trades labour gap. Selected students have the opportunity to be coached and mentored while completing two or three paid work terms over the summer.

Newfoundland and Labrador
Apprenticeship & Trades Certification Division (Government of Newfoundland and Labrador)

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador dedicates part of its website to information about apprenticeship and trades certification. Its website provides answers to frequently asked questions about apprenticeships and a brochure about apprenticeships and certification, as well as a list of designated trades. 

Northwest Territories
Apprenticeship and Trades (Government of the Northwest Territories)

The Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) manages the Northwest Territories Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupation Certification (AOC) Program. Its frequently asked questions page provides information on many aspects of apprenticeships, including why and how to become an apprentice and options for financial support. High school students interested in a career in the trades can learn more about the Schools North Apprenticeship Program.

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency (NSAA)

The Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency provides information on various aspects of apprenticeship, such as how to become an apprentice, the benefits of being an apprentice, options for financial support, and a video featuring apprentices and their experiences. Their website also includes useful resources to support specific groups of apprentices, including youth, women and persons with disabilities.

Apprenticeship, Trade and Occupations Certification (The Government of Nunavut)

This webpage hosted by the Government of Nunavut answers basic questions about apprenticeships in this territory, including how to become an apprentice in Nunavut and what’s involved in an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship in Ontario (Government of Ontario)

This website put together by the Government of Ontario helps potential apprentices learn more about how to become an apprentice, apprenticeship programs for high school and college students, and the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women. Potential apprentices can also explore Ontario’s skilled trades, search job profiles to learn about a job’s educational requirements, average pay and whether it’s in demand.

Funded by HIEC, a not-for-profit social enterprise, seeks to address skills shortages by helping apprentices and the employers who hire them. offers a free online job tool that can connect potential apprentices with apprenticeship trade positions in Ontario, as well as descriptions of skilled trades, free resources about apprenticeships, information on skilled trades news and events, and personal support for jobseekers.

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

This website provides information about the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, a program designed for Grade 11 and 12 high school students who want to pursue an apprenticeship. Its website answers frequently asked questions and dispels common myths about apprenticeships.

Pathways to Apprenticeship

Designed to guide secondary school educators as well as service delivery managers and employment and training consultants, this document explores the benefits of apprenticeships for students, eligibility requirements, pathways to apprenticeship for high school students, youth apprenticeship programs and the role that secondary schools play in connecting students with apprenticeship opportunities.

Prince Edward Island
Apprenticeship Program (Government of Prince Edward Island)

This webpage by the Government of Prince Edward Island provides information on who is eligible to become an apprentice, how to apply, what’s involved in completing an apprenticeship and acquiring certification, and options for financial support. There are also helpful details on designated trades in PEI and the Youth Apprenticeship Program.

On-The-Job Training (Emploi-Québec)

This website by Emploi-Québec provides answers to basic questions about apprenticeships in the province, such as the benefits of being an apprentice. To learn more, site visitors are instructed to contact their local employment centre.

Commission de la construction du Québec

The CCQ helps provide a legal framework for the construction industry in Quebec. The apprentice page on its website provides many details about eligibility requirements, the number of apprenticeship hours required per trade and options for financial support. The trades and occupations section provides fact sheets for Quebec’s 25 trades and approximately 30 occupations.

Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission

The SATCC administers and oversees the apprenticeship and trade certification system in Saskatchewan. Its website provides a list of steps to becoming an apprentice, a description of each trade, entrance requirements for apprenticeship training and more. The SATCC website also provides information on the following subjects:

Apprenticeship and Trades (Government of Yukon)

This section of the Government of Yukon’s website explores the benefits of a career in the trades and programs that support high school students interested in the trades. In this section about the Yukon apprenticeship program, site visitors can learn about the benefits of an apprenticeship, eligibility, how long it takes to complete an apprenticeship and what wages might be like.

Yukon Women in Trades and Technology (WITT)

This non-profit organization is dedicated to supporting women and girls interested in the trades and technology by providing education, support and advocacy. Its website highlights financial support for Yukon women apprentices and programs to help high school students explore the trades.

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum is a non-profit organization whose mission is to connect Canada’s apprenticeship community. Even non-members can benefit, as their website provides helpful details about apprenticeships in Canada, including:

Support for Apprentices (Government of Canada)

The Government of Canada provides the following resources to help apprentices complete their training in a Red Seal trade:

Red Seal 

A partnership between the federal government and Canadian provinces and territories, the Red Seal Program sets common standards for assessing tradespeople’s skills across the country and plays an influential role in developing the national standard for each trade. Its website provides information on the steps involved in getting a Red Seal, essential skills used in the trades, options for financial support, and access to publications and reports (including a fact sheet about the Red Seal program).

Canada Apprentice Loan (Government of Canada)

This loan was created to help registered Red Seal apprentices cover the cost of their training. This website helps applicants learn about eligibility as well as how to apply for and repay their loan.

Apprenticeship Grant Opportunities in Canada (ShowMeTheGreen)

This webpage identifies a few grant opportunities available to apprentices in Canada, as well as information about who is eligible and how to apply.

Office to Advance Women Apprentices

This organization is dedicated to increasing employment opportunities for women in the skilled trades and providing tradeswomen with support in the form of career services, employment supports and networking opportunities. The organization was established in 2009 in Newfoundland and Labrador and has since expanded to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba and Saskatchewan as well. Site visitors can explore stories from tradeswomen who received support from the Office to Advance Women Apprentices.

What’s an Apprenticeship? (Careers in Trades)

An initiative shared by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum and Skills/Compétences Canada, Careers in Trades dedicates a section of their website to providing information about apprenticeships, including:

Marisa Baratta is a writer and editor who lives in Ontario with her husband and their children. She loves writing, especially fiction that touches your heart, opens your mind, makes you laugh and inspires positive change. Her shelves are lined with short stories, poems and chapter books she wrote since she was five. She can often be found writing, reading, cooking, walking near trees or spending time with her loved ones.
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Marisa Baratta is a writer and editor who lives in Ontario with her husband and their children. She loves writing, especially fiction that touches your heart, opens your mind, makes you laugh and inspires positive change. Her shelves are lined with short stories, poems and chapter books she wrote since she was five. She can often be found writing, reading, cooking, walking near trees or spending time with her loved ones.
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