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Career development resources for high school educators and counsellors

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High school students face important decisions around the pathways they want to pursue after graduation. Teachers and counsellors play a key role in guiding and supporting them on this journey. Here are several resources that educators can use to integrate career development into their work.

5 ways to Incorporate Career Education into any Subject Area (myBlueprint) [Blog]

Providing classroom and school-wide opportunities for career education fosters students’ holistic development of career discovery and readiness. This piece offers ways to incorporate career education to help students become competent, self-directed planners.

Bridging Two Worlds: Supporting Newcomer and Refugee Youth (CERIC) [Book]

Bridging Two Worlds provides teachers, school administrators and counsellors with the knowledge and practical resources to deliver more informed and culturally responsive career development and guidance to newcomer and refugee youth.

Careers Atlantic Canada [Website]

This site provides information, resources and learning activities to support youth in understanding the relationship between Skills for Success and a successful entry into the labour market. Its Secondary Education page provides lesson plans and resources for educators.

Career curriculums by province and territories (CareerWise) [Listicle]

Career education across Canada varies based on provinces and territories. While curriculums differ in structure, they are all designed to help youth find success. Here is a breakdown of curriculum information for elementary and high school cohorts.

Career Development: Practice Building a New Era (Career Development Professional Centre) [Training]

This 30-hour course includes four modules that touch on career development in today’s changing world and reflective practice. It includes about 18 hours of live facilitated instruction and 12 hours of self-directed learning delivered over four weeks, followed by the completion of a final assessment. Participants who complete the training will earn a digital certificate.

Career Exploration – Free Career Assessment Resources (Career Professionals of Canada) [Article]

A list of free, online self-assessments to assist individuals struggling with awareness of their skills, temperament and abilities. These career exploration resources can give participants a fresh look at their personalities, temperaments, skills and possible career avenues.

Career Work in Action: Discussions and Activities for Professionals – Youth (CERIC) [Action plan]

Career professionals and educators working with youth can gain insights and ideas that align with CERIC’s Guiding Principles of Career Development. It paints a picture of youth that speaks to how they are situated within the Guiding Principles, then suggests discussion questions and activities that professionals can use when providing career support to this population.

Computing Careers & Disciplines: A Quick Guide for Prospective Students and Career Advisors (CERIC) [Guide]

The guide is designed to support prospective students, career practitioners, academic advisors and career counsellors by outlining five distinct computing disciplines: computer science, computer engineering, information systems, information technology and software engineering. It will help students better understand each one and which best suits their interests, talents, skills and abilities.

Goodwill® Career Coach and Navigator Professional Certificate (Coursera) [Training]

Learners are introduced to the human-centred approach to career coaching, intake and skills analysis, recruiting and outreach, goal setting, career navigation, interview and resume preparation, onboarding preparation and building community partnerships. These are foundational for professionals looking to help others develop the skills to pursue their career development. This Professional Certificate includes four beginner-level courses.

Online Storyteller: Who You Are Matters! Platform (OneLifeTools) [Tool]

This digital platform offers a self-directed narrative assessment, and can be used as a collaborative tool to enhance 1-on-1 sessions. It includes a Conversation Guide to help people make well-informed work, education or life choices. Clients are guided through a simple and engaging process of reflection which results in substantive takeaways and guides next steps. A free trial is available.

Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship (Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training) [Toolkit]

Based on the premise that career development is everyone’s responsibility, this resource provides various activities to help educators facilitate career exploration in schools. It encourages educators to involve as many students, staff, parents and other community members in co-ordinating activities to create a hands-on learning environment for a week of enjoyable and effective activities.

Wayfinder Search Site (CERIC and OneLifeTools) [Resource website]

The Wayfinder is a searchable platform that career specialists, educators and program developers can use to find Canadian and international programs, and easily adaptable resources such as assessments, guides and toolkits. Search filters include “K-12 teacher” and “K-12 counsellor.”

When I Grow Up – Career Lesson and Activities (Workforce Solutions) [Tool]

This exploration curricula aims to place career decisions and knowledge in action through application. Students will rationalize career and education decisions to map thought processes and decision points using the When I Grow Up Workbook, which can be self-directed or used in conjunction with 19 supportive lessons directed by a teacher or facilitator for larger groups of students.

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Katrina Rozal is a Communication Specialist. She has 10 years of combined experience in producing content for Canadian news media and the British non-profit sector.
Katrina Rozal Author
Katrina Rozal is a Communication Specialist. She has 10 years of combined experience in producing content for Canadian news media and the British non-profit sector.
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