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Resources to help jobseekers prepare for remote job interviews

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COVID-19 has forced organizations to adapt their hiring processes online. Phone and video interviews as well as virtual assessments are now standard practices in a post-pandemic job market. Here are a few resources to help career professionals and their clients excel in remote interviews and exams.

Dress for the (remote) job you want (Harvard Business Review)

Recommendations on clothing and backdrops based on findings from a March-April 2020 survey about virtual meetings.

Tips for a successful video interview (The Balance Careers)

Advice on preparation, body language and set-up to boost personal brand. It also includes statistics on video software and length of interviews.

Video and Skype Interviews (University of Toronto Mississauga)

This tip sheet includes points about equipment, practice, day-of performance and follow-up.

How to nail a job interview – remotely (Harvard Business Review)

Guidance on technology, appearance, attitude and communication techniques to convey professionalism and warmth on screen.

10 tips for remote job interviews (PC Mag)

This piece offers pointers on professional etiquette before, during and after the meeting.

The Ultimate Guide to Acing your Next Video Interview (The Big Interview)

Advice on available software products, technical set-up, outfit choices and behavioural cues to standout during the virtual meeting.

Virtual interview tips to land you the job during the COVID-19 pandemic (Forbes)

This guide provides suggestions on lighting and devices along with other video techniques that impress employers.

10 ways to get into a positive mindset before your remote job interview (Hays)

Recommended actions to deal with pre-interview nerves and log on with a positive attitude.

How to ace your next online job interview (TED Ideas)

Advice to help jobseekers prepare ideas, minimize distractions and ask potential employers fresh questions.

How to stand out in an online job interview (European Commission)

Tips on preventing glitches and adapting to unexpected issues.

Virtual job interview? You’ve got this (LinkedIn)

This piece breaks down the types of virtual interviews and offers guidance on approaching the discussions within a post-pandemic context.

How to ace your next phone interview (Business Insider)

Advice to help jobseekers leverage their tone and voice as well as the surrounding environment prior to and during the interview.

How to prepare for a job interview, exam or assignment (Glassdoor)

Four pointers on staying focused and keeping skills sharp before the remote job assessment.

What is a job simulation and how can you prepare for one? (Glassdoor)

A general overview of the types of job simulation formats to help jobseekers demonstrate their competencies to potential employers.

How to spot a good company culture in remote interviews (Siliconrepublic)

Without face-to-face contact, jobseekers can look out for a few virtual signs to determine if the company is the right fit for them.

Video interview tips (Lynda.com)

This 24-minute course provides context to the use of remote interviews in recruitment, advice on effective communication and ending video interviews strong. Library card holders may be able to access the course for free.

Advanced Interviewing Techniques (Coursera)

The last module of this five-week course explores strategies to help jobseekers communicate clearly and confidently over the phone. The free course also covers other topics on answering popular interview questions.

Finding a Remote Job (Lynda.com)

This one-hour course discusses the pros and cons of remote interviewing. It is also free to access for library card holders. The three-minute module, Questions to ask during remote job interviews, offers ideas for points to raise about working off site. Another three-minute module, Phone and video-based remote job interviews, provides succinct advice on conveying personality on the respective channels.

How to look professional virtually (Purposeful Careers)

This course offers tips on staging and designing environments to give jobseekers a professional image on screen.

Introducing new ways to get ready for the virtual job interview (LinkedIn) [Tools]

LinkedIn advanced the launch of its interview preparation tools to help jobseekers in a post-coronavirus landscape. The first tool allows hiring managers to request video introductions, which gives candidates the opportunity to stand out before formal interviews. The second tool enables jobseekers to practise answering questions and receive AI-powered feedback instantly.

Podcast 30: How to succeed in your remote job interview (Hays) [Podcast episode]

This 23-minute episode offers first-time remote interviewees tips on what to expect, managing nerves and excitement, facing an online panel, checking technical requirements and navigating career choices during difficult times.

How to Get Hired During COVID-19: Navigating the Virtual Job Hunt (Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto) [Webinar]

This one-hour webinar provides extensive guidance on dealing with challenges of finding success in a hiring market severely impacted by COVID-19. At 00:13:26 – 00:18:40, Professor Maja Djikic, who specializes in personality development, shares examples of using body language to create presence and establish genuine rapport through the screen.

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Katrina Rozal Author
Katrina Rozal is a Communication Specialist. She has 10 years of combined experience in producing content for Canadian news media and the British non-profit sector.
Katrina Rozal Author
Katrina Rozal is a Communication Specialist. She has 10 years of combined experience in producing content for Canadian news media and the British non-profit sector.
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